iDEA + Ufi


Creating a step-change in digital skills and confidence for vocational learners in the UK

Ufi has generously supported the development of the iDEA platform since 2017 and in 2021, we embarked on a strategic partnership enabling iDEA to extend the range of options available on iDEA, develop the Gold Award and explore the importance of place-based interventions to support communities most impacted by the digital divide.

The partnership with Ufi is helping surface lessons and insights around how iDEA can be deployed to improve access, motivation, and retention for learners through place-based pilots. Particular focus is being given to supporting those learners most impacted by the digital divide.

Insights from the research are informing how we can create an even more supportive learning environment; an environment which builds the confidence and digital skills of people most impacted by the digital divide (and their organisers) to become more active and independent learners.

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