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Clicking on your profile picture in the main dashboard will bring up alternative options; simply click on the one you prefer.

You can change your profile picture as often as you would like.

Your points are shown at the end of the progress bar on your iDEA homepage.

To achieve the Bronze Award, a learner must achieve 250 points or more, including a minimum of 40 points in the core categories of citizen, worker, maker and entrepreneur. Beyond this minimum points requirement, learners can select whichever other badges they would like to do to develop further skills as the rest of the 250 points can be made up however they would like. This leads to a well-rounded but truly unique learning experience.

Once a learner has won the iDEA Bronze Award their progress bar will be complete and it will show the 3D Bronze Award Winner Wreath.

There are often fresh and exciting badges added to the platform so even after a learner has achieved their Bronze Award they can continue to learn and discover new skills.

Once a learner has achieved the iDEA Bronze Award, a form will be automatically emailed to them. Learners will need to complete this form to claim their certificates.

When completing the form, it's important that the learner provides the same email address as they use to log in to iDEA.


Have you filled in the form to claim your certificate?

Yes = The certificates are sent from Buckingham Palace in batches, if it has been more than 4 weeks since you completed the form and your certificate has not arrived, please contact us.

No = Please complete the form to claim your certificate, it's important that the information you provide is correct and it is vital that you enter the same email address as you use to log in to iDEA.


If you're having difficulty accessing the form to claim your certificate, contact us and we will be able to help you.


iDEA has developed a Record of Achievement on the platform, this will enable learners at any point in their learning experience to download, print and share their achievements to date.


It's easy to register a cohort, simply direct them to the iDEA homepage and ask them to sign up. Organisers can request to have an Organiser Code for their learners. An Organiser Code will link learners to the organiser.

Organiser Codes enable the iDEA team to track analytics for users by linking learners to their institution. Different institutions can have multiple Organiser Codes which can be used to gather analytics for each cohort.

Request an Organiser Code

Click here to view the iDEA 2018 booklet

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And, teachers can access all of our free teaching resources on TES

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Follow the links below to access iDEA materials. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us.

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Click here to view the iDEA 2018 booklet


The iDEA Bronze Badge Directory gives an indication into the time it takes to complete each iDEA Badge.

Download the iDEA Badge Directory HERE

iDEA Badges support both formal and informal learning, and have been mapped against the National Curricula and the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

This helps support learners across a range of curricula subjects including the three core areas of formal computing education: digital literacy, computer science and IT; and beyond that a range of other topics from business, marketing, technology, design, entrepreneurship and enrichment.

Bronze is beginner level, Silver intermediate and Gold advanced.

Click here to view the iDEA Badge Directory.

If you are an Organiser you can request for your iDEA account to be upgraded to iDEA Organiser Status.

If you are a learner and have achieved your iDEA Bronze Award you can email us to request to become an iDEA Badge Champion.


If you answer a question incorrectly a hint will appear.

If a learner has visited an event or experienced a workshop connected with iDEA, then a badge code will be issued. The learner can then use this badge code to receive points for that event, acknowledging their participation and providing evidence of learning and attendance. When participants take part in events, they can see the badge they earned in the Completed Badges section of the iDEA Badge Store.

These badged events are not listed on the iDEA site at the moment and are currently only available to limited events, but this will grow over time offering accreditation to many experiences.

If you'd like iDEA to accredit your event or experience please contact us.


If you have forgotten your password, rather than trying potentially incorrect passwords multiple times and risking getting locked out, you should click on the 'Don't remember your password?' button at the point of login. It's important that the email address entered here is the same as the email address used to access iDEA. If you do not receive an email with a replacement password, please check your spam or junk mail as sometimes messages can end up there.

iDEA works on all modern devices, operating systems and browsers, and is compatible with IE11 onwards. If you think something is going wrong, try logging in and logging out again, make sure your browser is up to date and clear your cache. If you still experience an issue please do contact us giving us a description as to what the issue is, let us know what you were doing at the time it occurred, and if an error message appeared please tell us what it said. A member of the iDEA team will then be able to help you.

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