Record of Achievement | iDEA


Demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have gained at both Bronze and Silver level.

What is it?

Your Record of Achievement enables you to showcase the skills and knowledge you have learnt wherever you are on your journey with iDEA, whether you have earned two badges or fifty.

On every Record of Achievement there is a personal verification number, this means that iDEA can validate your progress to date with any future employer or learning institution requiring verification.

How can I use it?

Once you are logged in, you can view your Record of Achievement here.

You can then download a printable version your Record of Achievement as often as you like, or you can share a link to the live version of your Record of Achievement which will update automatically as you earn more badges.

How can I validate it if I am an employer or learning institution?

All online modules on iDEA (known as ‘badges’) have meta-data which helps you see the sorts of skills, information and knowledge a person has acquired on each module.

Run the verification number through the validation form to see the Record of Achievement.

Validate a Record of Achievement

Enter the verification number to view the Record of Achievement.