iDea for learners

iDEA gives you the chance to badge your brilliance by developing skills, gaining knowledge and learning information about the digital world.

The modules (badges) also help you reinforce your understanding about subjects you might already know a bit about.

iDEA learners

People like you who use iDEA:

  • Enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Improve their digital literacy
  • Learn tips and techniques about staying safe online
  • Discover talents they didn’t know they had
  • Get more confident with technology

Anyone can have a go. Bronze is for beginners, Silver is intermediate level and Gold advanced. If you get stuck, write to the iDEA team.


Anytime you want to prove to someone you’ve won accredited badges with iDEA, you can download, print and share your Record of Achievement (go to the Badge Store and click in your Completed Badges section). You have a unique verification number on iDEA so employers and education establishments can validate your accomplishments.

Use the iDEA modules with your friends, family and colleagues, or just do the badges on your own if you prefer. You can do them on any device - as long as you can get online.

You might also be lucky and get to do some participation, event or experience badges with our Partners.

Learners participating in the iDEA Award

If you get enough points, you will win an industry recognised Award. And beyond that, iDEA is continually adding fun and interesting badges to the Badge Store.

The more you get, the more you will stand out from the crowd.


iDEA Badge Examples

iDEA Bronze Award iDEA Silver Award iDEA Gold Award

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