Gold-level iDEA badges available now!

Gold-level iDEA badges available now!

iDEA is delighted to announce the early release of four Gold-level badges and to share some information about how the Gold Award is going to work.

14 November 2022 News

Over the past eighteen months, the iDEA team has been hard at work developing the Gold Award and creating the first Gold-level badges that will be part of it. 

The team carried out extensive research which included surveying and interviewing learners and educators who use iDEA in a variety of settings including colleges, universities, schools, and community groups. We asked them about their experience of iDEA to date and what sort of topics they would like to be covered following on from Bronze and Silver. We learnt a lot from these sessions and we are hugely grateful to everyone who took part and was so generous with their time and feedback.

Almost every person that was interviewed told us that they would prefer to have access to new Gold-level badges as soon as possible instead of waiting for more to be available and so today, we are delighted and excited to release the first batch of four Gold-level badges.


Computer Vision 

Learn about how computers can process, analyse and understand visual data (think, images and videos) as humans do! Then, train an AI model to find clues to help you as you try to solve a mysterious crime.


AI Inference 

Did you know that there are lots of AI models that have already been trained (for example, to detect vehicles) and are available for you to use in your own projects? In this badge, discover the AI inference process and try using an OpenVINO pre-trained model to complete a smart cities challenge!



If you have ever asked Siri a question or used an instant chat feature on a company website for help, you’ve used a chatbot. But what are chatbots, exactly, and how do they work? Learn all about the different types of chatbots and the technology behind them, and have a go at creating your own eco-chatbot!


 Fake News Detector 

The explosion of the internet and social media have enabled news to travel faster than ever before, whether it is real or fake. Knowing how to spot fake news is crucial and there are AI tools that we can build to help do this. In this badge, explore how AI can be used to process human language and then try creating your own fake news detector! 

During this early-release period, it will not be possible for someone to achieve the Gold Award because there are not enough Gold points available yet. This is an opportunity for you to get started if you wish. If after completing these badges, you choose to share feedback with the team (we will share more information on how best to do this shortly), your views will be taken into consideration as we develop more Gold-level badges. 

Requirements for achieving the Gold Award

  • To achieve the Gold Award, you will need to have achieved the Bronze and Silver Awards, and you will need 500 Gold points which you can earn by completing Gold-level iDEA badges.

A reminder of the requirements for the iDEA Bronze Award

  • To achieve the Bronze Award you need to collect 250 points from Bronze-level badges and they need to include, 50 Citizen points, 50 Worker points, 50 Maker points and 50 Entrepreneur points.

A reminder of the requirements for the iDEA Silver Award

  • To achieve the Silver Award, you need to have completed all three Silver-level badges in four of the five available categories. The Citizen category is mandatory.

We are proud to have partnered with Intel, Digital Xtra Fund & Scottish Government, and Huddersfield University to create Gold badges so far. iDEA will continue to work with innovative partners on new Gold-level badges and we look forward to making some of these badges available in the New Year. 

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