Intel iDEA Gold Badges Available Now

Intel iDEA Gold Badges Available Now

iDEA has released two new Gold level badges with Intel on AI. You can check out all 6 of the Intel badges now on iDEA!

17 November 2022 Article

iDEA has released two new Gold level badges with Intel on AI.

iDEA is collaborating with Intel and the Intel AI for Youth Program, which aims to empower youth with AI tech and social skills in an inclusive way. So far, we have created and launched six iDEA badges together in the Bronze and Gold Award levels. The four Bronze badges include:

We are excited for the launch of two new badges, which are also among the first release of iDEA’s Gold level badges. They include:

Computer Vision
Learn about how computers can process, analyse and understand visual data (think, images and videos) like humans do! Then, train an AI model to find clues to help you as you try to solve a mysterious crime.

AI Inference
Did you know that there are lots of AI models that have already been trained (for example, to detect vehicles) and are available for you to use in your own projects? In this badge, discover the AI inference process and try using an OpenVINO pre-trained model to complete a smart cities challenge!

The Bronze badges aim to give learners an introduction to key concepts within AI (for example, the three domains of AI) and to build foundational knowledge in a fun and interactive way. As you know, iDEA is all about bite-sized learning and our goal is to take topics that may seem big and scary at first and turn them into iDEA badges that are approachable, fun and engaging. 

The Gold badges take this learning to the next level - you will explore certain AI topics in more depth and get to apply the knowledge and skills that you have learnt in a series of exciting challenges and missions, such as solving a mysterious crime for an intelligence agency and building AI tools to help you work through a smart cities challenge as a research consultant. Gold badges are all about creative problem-solving, critical thinking and reflection.

You can do these badges in any order but we recommend that you start with some of the Bronze level ones to familiarise yourself with AI concepts and terms. 

We hope you get a chance to try them all and enjoy completing these badges!

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