NEW iDEA Bronze Badge: Digital Careers

NEW iDEA Bronze Badge: Digital Careers

Explore a range of digital careers across five sub-sectors and take a quick quiz to see which jobs may be the best match for you!

20 November 2020 News

The digital industry is full of fantastic, well-paid career opportunities for everyone, and you may be surprised by how varied it is.

From programming and design to marketing and business, people from all backgrounds and interests have a great chance of finding a satisfying and fulfilling role in the industry.

Whether you’re a history buff, a maths whiz, a genius at English, or a psychology superstar, your skills will be highly valuable to digital technology employers.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking your first steps when thinking about a job, or if you’re looking to switch to a digital career from a different sector or background, there are some terrific opportunities out there for you.

In this badge, you will:

  • Research some of the jobs in the digital and technology sector and learn from people doing them
  • Understand the technical and non-technical attitudes, skills and behaviours that employers are looking for
  • Identify which of your own personality traits, skills and subject interests might make you a good fit for a job in this sector

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