NEW iDEA Gold Badge: First Aid

NEW iDEA Gold Badge: First Aid

Knowing first aid prepares you to feel confident and know how to act in an emergency situation.

01 August 2023 Article

The new iDEA First Aid badge, created with St John Ambulance, can prepare you for emergency situations so that you know how to act when someone needs help.

First aid is really important because it is the immediate medical care given to someone who is injured or ill and can prevent situations from getting worse. 

Even just knowing the basics of first aid can make a huge difference and help you feel more confident when approaching emergencies - you might even help save a life!

In this badge, you will learn how to:

  • Perform a primary survey
  • Respond to someone with a severe bleed
  • Respond to someone choking
  • Respond to someone who is unresponsive but breathing
  • Respond to someone who is unresponsive and not breathing

At the end of the badge, you will get to apply your new skills and put your knowledge to the test!

You can find the First Aid badge in the iDEA Gold badges menu or go right to it by clicking here.

NEW iDEA Gold Badge: First Aid

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