How does the Organiser Management System work?

To register your Organisation on iDEA click ‘Organisers’ (on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page) or follow this link iDEA.org.uk/portal

When registering your Organisation on iDEA you will need to:

  1. Enter the institution or business name
  2. Select the Organisation type from the drop-down menu

Once you have registered your Organisation, you will be able to create Organiser Codes.

Organiser Codes are what link learners to your Organisation. 

To create an Organiser Code:

  • Go to the ‘Organiser Groups’ section and press ‘New Group’. Here, you will be able to make up your own codes and name them.

A learner can add an Organiser Code to their profile at any time, in three steps:

  1. Click on their nickname in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select Edit Profile
  3. Type in the Organiser Code and press save   

The Dashboard shows you:

  • How many learners are connected to your organisation
  • The total number of badges they have completed
  • The total number of Awards they have won
  • Who the latest Award winner in your organisation is
  • Which badge was most recently completed, and by who

To download more detailed analytics go to the Analytics tab and press ‘Download’ – these will automatically be downloaded to your device.

Organiser Teams:

  • Organisers can invite Team Members to help administer analytics relating to their Organisation. Team Members are able to set up their own Organiser Codes, and access learner analytics relating to their Organisation via the Organiser Management System (OMS).
  • Please note only existing iDEA users can be made Team Members at Organisations

To set up a postal address for your learners' certificates

  • Go to 'Settings' and complete the postal information form