How to create iDEA accounts for school students

Step 1: Create your own iDEA account

You can sign up for free at https://iDEA.org.uk/register

Step 2: Register your organisation with iDEA

This enables you to manage learner accounts and track their progress towards Awards.

As soon as you are signed into your own account, head to the Organiser Portal by clicking Organisers at the bottom of the page, or here: https://iDEA.org.uk/portal

Register your school as an Organisation on iDEA by entering your school name and selecting School from the drop-down menu.

Once you have registered your Organisation, you can create groups for your learners. It's up to you how. you group your learners, some educators prefer to put everyone in the same group and others prefer different groups for different classes or cohorts. 

Step 3: Import learners to create accounts for them

Learners who are already registered on iDEA should join your school Organisation by adding your Group Code to their profile - see how here.

If your learners are not yet registered with iDEA, follow these instructions to create accounts for them:

Go to the Organiser Groups section and press New Group. Here you should click the button that says Import Learners then download & complete the CSV template.
This should be a comma-separated list (not a space-separated list) and each learner should be on their own line. There should be no headings on your version, and you will need to include:
  • A nickname/username for each learner
  • An email address for each learner
  • A DOB for each learner - if you do not know this you can just 01/01/YYYY (the year you think they were born) - your students can update their information in their profile later so that it is correct should they wish. 
  • A password for each learner - we do not advise giving your students all the same passwords, it's important that they each have their own password and your students can change their password via their profile later. All passwords need to have 8 characters and include symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers.
Save the file and then upload it to iDEA:
  • Save as type, choose CSV (Comma delimited). Click save and then upload to iDEA.

If you get stuck or require any additional help, please write to [email protected] and a member of the iDEA Team will respond to you as soon as they can.