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iDEA Badge: Influencer


10 points

Becoming an entrepreneur takes self-belief and inspiration. It also takes grit, determination and hard work. Helping people understand your product or service and getting them excited about it is a core enterprise skill. This badge helps you put some of this into practice. You will be awarded 10 points in the Entrepreneur category if you successfully encourage five new people to sign up to iDEA and do their first badge. Social selling is integral to establishing and then scaling a business. By getting in touch with your contacts, you will need to persuade and influence them and drive 'behavioural change'. In other words, what you do and say should encourage them to take action. Click START BADGE below and iDEA will send you an email with some help on how to go about this task. Good luck and enjoy it. Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur!





Aiming High


The iDEA Influencer badge

The Influencer badge is part of the iDEA Bronze Award and is in the Entrepreneur category, helping you learn how to originate ideas and bring them to life.

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