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iDEA Branding

Tone of voice and copy

When writing copy for iDEA content, please use the following guidelines:

  • iDEA must always be written with a lower case i and uppercase DEA.
  • iDEA is all about accessible education for all. It should feel challenging yet attainable, and our tone of voice reflects that.
  • iDEA’s audience spans many demographics, including young children to pensioners, and language should be written to reflect this in an inclusive but unpatronizing way.
  • Be sure to use language which is friendly, clear and conversational in its tone.


  • Keep language light, friendly and conversational
  • Keep copy to bite sized chunks of information
  • Make sure educational copy is accessible to everyone
  • Write copy directly towards the individual user, so they feel included and empowered. E.g. “The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, is an international award winning programme that helps you develop and demonstrate your digital, enterprise and employability skills for free.”


  • Use overly complex language to demonstrate educational points
  • Direct language towards the user as a third person e.g. “Users can take part in badges” (Note, an exception here may be when referring to pupils when talking to teachers/organisers about what their pupils may get out of iDEA)