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iDEA Branding


iDEA has three main fonts in its brand. Whenever working directly with the iDEA brand, these should be used.

Print fonts

iDEA Fonts

You will need to purchase an appropriate licence for Gotham book and Gotham bold.

Web fonts

iDEA Fonts for Web
  • Montserrat semi-bold should be used for headlines
  • Montserrat medium should be used for paragraph copy

All of these web fonts can be found for free online

Badge developer font guidance

Badge developers should not feel constrained by the brand fonts when developing certain creative elements of their badges. While all iDEA branded elements should use the above fonts, sometimes it makes sense to use a custom font.

For example, in Silver’s Gamer category, an 8-bit style font is use to help immerse the user in that environment.

Take care to make sure your font blends well with the iDEA branding and is legible.

iDEA Fonts for Web